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What Type of Passport is a US Passport?

There are different kinds of passports issued to American citizens. Each has its own purpose and requires specific requirements to be met in order to obtain it.

What Type of Passport is a US Passport?

A regular passport is a blue passport book that is issued to most of the United States citizens. It's meant for a variety of travel purposes, not just tourism.

United States Passports

A passport is the document that allows you to travel abroad and return to the United States. It is issued by the United States Department of State.

The passport is designed to protect travelers from identity theft, and it is also used for other purposes, such as tracking a person’s history of illegal activities. The passport also features a machine-readable zone at the bottom of the signature page.

Until 1952, passports were optional for Americans to leave the United States. After that, all citizens were required to have a passport.

The passport was a type III, with a stiff red cover that was cut out through the window to allow for the bearer’s name. It had 32 pages.

Regular Passport

A passport is a travel document that grants the bearer safe passage and protection in a foreign country. Passports are also used to verify citizenship and demonstrate the right to re-enter a nation.

There are five types of American passports, each with a unique application process. The most common is the regular passport, or tourist passport, which is issued for personal travel to destinations within the United States.

These passports are blue in color and are valid for a maximum of 10 years when issued to adults, or 5 years for minors. They are issued to individuals traveling for personal, non-commercial purposes and do not cost a fee.

If you have a regular passport, you can apply for a replacement book by completing a Form DS-11, Passport Application, and submitting acceptable identification, evidence of citizenship, and two new photographs. You will also need to complete and sign a Form DS-64, Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport, detailing what happened to your previous passport.

Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic passports are issued to high-ranking government officials and diplomats who travel overseas. The document allows the holder to bypass many of the typical travel regulations that regular passport holders must follow.

This type of passport is most often used by diplomatic officers, but it can also be issued to other types of government officials and their families. While there are several benefits to having a diplomatic passport, the most important one is legal immunity from lawsuits or prosecution when traveling internationally.

A diplomatic passport is also useful for family members, who may be able to obtain a visa without the need to provide proof of citizenship or nationality. They include spouses, unmarried sons and daughters, and dependent parents.

HM Passport Office checks name and address evidence when applying for a Diplomatic or Official passport overseas. This can be a letter from their FCDO or other relevant documents.

Service Passport

A United States passport is the most important document you need to travel internationally. It is a key government-issued photo identification document, ensuring that you are able to enter and exit 141 countries without a visa.

The Department of State issues three types of passports: ordinary, official, and diplomatic. Applicants must apply in person at a local application acceptance facility, which can include state government offices, public libraries, and post offices.

These applications are routinely processed in up to 6 weeks, but expedited service can be obtained at a regional processing center or through a registered expediting courier service. Applicants can also apply online here.

DOC employees must use an official passport when traveling abroad on authorized Department of Commerce business. The same type of passport may be issued to their immediate family members or spouses when authorized by the Department of State.